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Purchasing Electronic Scrap in Tampa Bay, FL

Do you have any unwanted electronic devices lying around your house and don’t know what to do with them? Contact Scrap King, your Tampa Bay, FL electronic scrap recyclers. This type of scrap contains precious metals in addition to hazardous substances that can significantly harm the ecosystem. We purchase and recycle electronic scrap to turn potential waste into valuable assets, keeping the environment safe and creating a greener economy. Discover how you can recycle your electronics and contribute to a cleaner world.

Electronics Recycling

What Is Considered E-Scrap?

Electronic scrap, also known as e-scrap, is discarded electronic devices that contain valuable materials such as gold, silver, and copper. Not throwing out these items can prevent hazardous substances and valuable metals from sitting in landfills and harming the environment. In addition to keeping the environment safe, recycling e-scrap supports a greener economy, promoting the reuse of materials to reduce waste and conserve energy. We purchase all types of e-scrap, including:

  • Phones
  • TVs and Remotes
  • TV Cables
  • Tablets
  • Motors
  • Hard Drives
  • Laptops
  • Batteries
  • Modems and Routers
  • PC Towers
  • Circuit Boards
  • DVD and CD Drives
  • And More!

Why Is E-Scrap Valuable?

Inside electronics are precious and semi-precious metals, such as gold, silver, copper, and palladium, mined worldwide. But there isn’t always a lot of raw material to be found. Recycling e-scrap helps to reduce the need to mine raw materials. Recyclers can go into each device and extract any materials that can be reused while safely discarding any unusable material. From there, these reused materials are added to new electronics, which are then sold to the public. This reuse cycle promotes a circular economy by reducing the demand for new raw materials, conserving energy, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions simply by reusing what we already have.

Start Your E-Scrap Recycling Journey Now

Engaging with e-scrap recycling is essential when navigating the journey toward environmental conservation and resource sustainability. When you choose to recycle your old electronics, you contribute to a healthier planet and vibrant circular economy. We purchase all types of e-scrap, guaranteeing the destruction of hard drives to protect your sensitive information. We also purchase on a recovery basis precious metal containing scraps, such as silver-coated busbars, gold-plated connectors, or pre-1990s high-value boards. We also purchase MRI machines and mobile MRI trailers as well.  Are you interested in selling your e-scrap? Contact us today for an estimate and the next steps toward sustainability. Start recycling your e-scrap with us today and join a global movement toward a greener world.

Recycling Scrap Metal for Top Dollar