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Professional Demolition Clean-Up Services in Tampa Bay, FL

For companies looking to remove old buildings or teardown locations for new construction, Scrap King provides professional demolition clean-up services in Tampa Bay, FL. With a fleet of dump trailers available for any project, we offer unparalleled demolition support with services tailored to meet any specific needs for a demolition site. Let us manage your demolition scrap, allowing you to focus on the project.

Demolishing building

Why Is Demolition Clean-Up Important?

Demolition clean-up services are essential after a building is taken down, whether it’s a small strip mall teardown or a power plant implosion. Our demolition clean-up service includes a fleet of 100-yard dump trailers that haul up to 120,000 pounds of debris and oversized, over-height, and over-width pieces. This fleet is available across the state of Florida and other areas of the Southeastern US for any demolition needs. We also provide support in the form of loaner shears, screening plants, torch crews, weekend and night-time trucking, job site lockboxes for precious metals, spot trailers, and anything else you could request or need for your demolition project.

Experience Our Professional Team Difference

By hiring a reliable demolition clean-up service, you can trust the work will get done and your site will be ready for its next step. We offer comprehensive solutions that clear debris from the area and ensure the site complies with any local and state regulations. When you choose Scrap King, you choose friendly and reliable people dedicated to getting the job done right. Discover the benefits of choosing us for your demolition clean-up service needs, including:

Safety Compliance

Our team ensures each demolition site is cleared of hazards, protecting workers and the public while following all local and state regulations.

Environmental Responsibility

We recycle and properly dispose of demolition waste to minimize each site's environmental impact.


Our quick removal services help companies speed up their preparation for new construction or land restoration projects by efficiently cleaning up.


Demolition clean-up services can help reduce any potential costs associated with site delays and non-compliance fines due to debris.

Make Construction Site Efficiency and Safety Your Priority

Ready to ensure your next demolition project leaves nothing behind but a clean slate? Scrap King is here to offer unparalleled demolition clean-up services throughout Florida and Georgia that prioritize safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art techniques, we ensure a clean construction site is ready for whatever comes next. Don’t let debris slow down your progress. Call us today to schedule your demolition clean-up service and experience peace of mind knowing your project is in good hands.

Recycling Scrap Metal for Top Dollar